DRS Bond Management is an acknowledged leader in surety broking, formed with the single-minded objective of delivering a state of the art approach to bond management and surety advisory services.

Precision defines DRS, providing certainty to clients through an exacting, reliable and responsive focus. DRS is the trusted surety advisor to leading names in the construction and engineering sectors, as well as other companies in multiple sectors.

Bringing together deep expertise in corporate governance and surety broking, gained from some of the world’s leading public companies and broking organisations, the DRS team combines these complimentary skill sets to enable clients to utilise surety to create lasting competitive and financial advantage.


Through rigorous management training and a dedication to professional development, DRS remains at the forefront of the growth and application of surety.


Detailed discovery of requirements, thorough surety market examination and the issue of accurate documentation, DRS delivers.


From first contact to final contract, DRS is dedicated to a commitment to clear communication that supports client understanding.


Timing is everything; facility capacity is critical and DRS supports clients in managing their bond capacity parallel with contract completions, ensuring that the ability to bond forthcoming immediate contracts is never compromised.


DRS offers first class access to ‘investment grade’ (minimum A- Standard & Poor’s rating or equivalent) surety capacity delivered by the world’s leading sureties.

DRS arranges surety solutions for a vast range of bonding needs, including: